Clean air in the workplace

With the roadmap now in place for return to work, it is time to ensure the air your staff and visitors breathe is clean and safe.

Humidity Solutions offers the Mia Air – a state of the art indoor free standing air purifier which has been developed and manufactured by one of the world’s leading industrial and commercial filtration companies – Mikropor.

Using medical grade HEPA filtration, the Mia Air removes particles down to 0.1 micron (Covid-19 has a particle size of 0.2 micron) and with 99% removal rate at 0.3 micron. The filter removes airborne viruses, dust particles, VOC’s and odours. The unit now also includes a UVC lamp which damages the genetic structure of viruses and kills pathogens in the air.

An app controls the unit dependant on what the sensors detect. Six fan speeds allow the Mia Air to ramp up the air movement as air quality deteriorates, and down again once the readings reduce. The App also allows you to monitor the air quality and to step in to override the automatic control if desired.

The Mia Air is one of the highest capacity devices in its class, cleaning 100m² on average 3 times per hour (av. Ceiling height 3m)

Ideal for all commercial spaces and in high demand.  Find out more now.

Email or call 01372 571200 for more information

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