Clean air assured

Claiming adaptability, guaranteed safety, controlled air quality, improved indoor comfort and well-being, all with an ingenious and totally environmentally-friendly heat recovery system, CIAT Ozonair Ltd has launched a new range of roof top units.
Called New Space, the new range offers two levels of filtration (G4 and F7) that ensure optimum air quality and make it extremely efficient in terms of both control and cleanliness.  Its air quality sensor allows it to adjust fresh air levels to actual needs and thus save on energy.
With return and supply air openings on the sides, top and bottom, New Space can be added to any room.  Its anti-vibration mounts are specifically designed to keep it perfectly stable when installed on a floor.  Easy access components facilitate checks during commissioning and maintenance.
A smoke detector and fire thermostat immediately activate the unit’s smoke extraction system at the slightest hint of smoke.  In high humidity conditions, droplet eliminators are fitted as standard on the fresh air section and upstream of the cooling coil to remove moisture from the air.

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