CircofloPro publishes Big Red Book

The new Big* Red Book of Straightforward Underfloor Heating, from CircofloPro, is a handy, A5-sized guide to help the trade specify the most suitable solution for their project – with the * after the Big indicating that it’s small enough for the glovebox, toolbox or dashboard and most people’s pockets.

The 60-page publication has been printed in colour, with clear photography and technical diagrams throughout to illustrate each product, its installation method and the variations/options available if required.

For any plumber or small builder yet to get acquainted with the benefits of buying their underfloor heating kit via CircofloPro, the handy guide will explain the cost-saving convenience of sourcing area specific packs, containing the required pipework and other components.

The screeded Staples system is covered along with ClipRail, CircoBoard and FloFloor, as well as LowDeck Plus and TileDeck Plus, each one accompanied by its features, benefits and potential applications. As an aid to take-off and ordering each overview includes a Technical Product Specification box, listing the product’s name, order code, pack quantity, the number per square metre required plus unit dimensions, pipe diameter and, lastly, suitable floor coverings.

Manifolds, pumps & mixing valves, wireless and hard-wired controls are all looked at, as are thermostats and the all-important controls. Useful wiring schematics are set out, as is an overview of floor coverings used with UFH.

Correct specification is critical to the success of any installation – prompting the chapter on heat outputs and how to decide if the chosen system will suit the building’s heat loss performance.

Here, CircofloPro provides coloured graphs allowing the user to read off the output in watts/m2from where the TOG value for the floor covering intersects different flow temperature lines and as CircofloPro is all about making the installer’s life easier, The Big* Red Book ends by listing the company’s help and advice line phone number.

Plumbers and other customers can download from

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