CHP scheme cuts energy

The Westfield Avenue multi-residential development in Edinburgh has won the Large Scale Housing Development Award in the Saltire Society Housing Design Awards 2012. The use of low carbon combined heat and power (CHP) and district heating from SAV Systems, supplied by East Linton based DBSA Ltd, played a significant role in enabling the development to meet the award’s sustainability criteria.

The development was constructed by East Lothian based Hart Builders: “The quality and range of awards that this site has now accrued is testament to the skill of the whole team that delivered this building on time and within budget. I consider SAV to be an integral part of that team,” said Hart Construction Director Colin Jack.

The Large Scale Housing Development category applies to developments with more than 15 dwellings and requires that the design ‘address issues of sustainability, energy efficiency and adaptability’. At Westfield Avenue sustainability and energy efficiency were key criteria in the design. With limited space available for plant, and high load demands, this was a major challenge that was met with the help of four SAV LoadTracker CHP units and FlatStation heat interface units.

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