Chloride provides protection

In a major re-fit at its Edinburgh data centre, Standard Life has installed four Chloride 500kVA 90-NET UPS for critical power protection. The choice of this advanced static system, which maintains power continuity at the facility, followed a thorough evaluation of the technical specifications, performance and cost comparisons of the industry’s leading static and rotary UPS systems.
Standard Life concluded that the best systems in both technologies fulfilled all its performance requirements. Chloride was then able to demonstrate that its advanced 90-NET classic Tier IV static system, delivering 2 x (N+1) redundancy, offered total cost of ownership advantages over a rotary system. It has lower lifetime maintenance costs and significantly reduces energy costs by operating efficiently at partial loads. Before committing to the system, the client took the opportunity to visit a data centre where Chloride 500kVA systems are already providing critical power protection, saw the equipment in operation and received confirmation of Chloride’s commitment to customer service.
The 90-NET UPS has proven reliability and is suitable for a wide range of mission critical applications. Available in 60-800kVA, with intelligent double conversion, the 90-NET features digital vector control for real time elimination of overloads, frequency variations, transient disturbances, interruptions and black-outs.
The units are fully compatible with – Chloride’s industry-leading constant monitoring service, which offers facilities managers the opportunity to effectively place responsibility for supervising the health of the back-up power system with the manufacturer.

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