Chloride provides power protection

Chloride Power Protection has been chosen as the preferred supplier by the T5 buying club for the supply of all critical power protection systems for BAA’s new Terminal 5 at Heathrow. Its wholly-owned subsidiary Chloride Harath will also take responsibility for on-going service and maintenance, supported by Chloride’s proprietary remote monitoring and diagnostics package.
In the main terminal building, power protection was required for the datacentres. This has been achieved using three 90-NET 300kVA UPS which feature Vector, Chloride’s digital control system that enables all overloads, frequency variations, transient disturbances, brief interruptions and blackouts to be eliminated in real time. This digital processing of signals is 10 times quicker than analogue methods and is at the forefront of technology for protecting mission critical loads. A further 300kVA UPS and two 120kVA UPS support the building’s control room and service centre whilst 50kVA and 25kVA units protect baggage handling, control and scanning operations.

There is an extensive communications system throughout the whole T5 complex. Power back up has been secured with eight 10 kVA and six 3 kVA UPS for the LAN infrastructure and eight 3kVA UPS on the IP telephony. T5 also boasts the UK’s largest ever fire detection, voice alarm and public address system which has been backed up with a further twelve 3kVA UPS

Chloride’s expertise and its experience of working with rail customers, especially in demanding tunnel environments, was a major factor in it also being entrusted with supplying power protection for the rail links and vehicular tunnels. The Piccadilly Line and Heathrow Express extensions will connect with existing rail services as a link to the new rail station built beneath the new T5 terminal. For safety, the Chloride products specified meet Section 12 compliance, as required by underground rail applications, using low smoke, zero halogen cables, low emission paints and BS batteries. The station lighting for both projects is being protected with eight 70-NET UPS and emergency lighting in the tunnels with five 80-NET UPS. The T5 development features a track transit system. Two 50kVA UPS will provide power back up for the driverless train service which will transfer passengers and staff between the terminal and its satellite buildings.

Power protection was also required for critical systems serving the airside road tunnel (ART), which provides a vehicular access link between the terminal and the sixty new aircraft stands. Four 40 kVA UPS units ensure 24/7 back up to loads in its key safety systems including: tunnel controls, fans and vital emergency communications.

To support the dynamic round-the-clock working of this major airport, the back-up power systems are under continuous surveillance by Chloride’s industry-leading remote monitoring package, reporting back to the Company’s constantly manned UK service centre. This advanced performance monitoring of the installed UPS systems and the mains supply provides real-time awareness and diagnosis of more than 100 separate operational parameters. It is an essential requirement for maintaining high power availability, as any anomalies are immediately identified and remedial action triggered. offers an enormous benefit to facilities managers as it means Chloride effectively takes responsibility for the health of the UPS.

Phase one of the Terminal 5 project is scheduled for completion in 2008, and Chloride has secured a framework agreement with AMEC Building & Facilities Services for the provision of any additional UPS requirements.

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