Chiller breaks the mould

A ground-breaking new air conditioning chiller called Tetris dramatically shortens delivery times, while delivering class-leading energy efficiency and low noise performance.
The key to Tetris, manufactured by Italian specialist Blue Box, is a new approach to design enabling hundreds of chiller configurations and capacities to be formed from multiplexable modules.
They can be locked together in a similar way to the shapes in the computer game, to create a huge variety of chiller configurations.
Any capacity of chiller can be quickly assembled from Tetris modules – which are manufactured and held in stock. This enables industry-beating delivery times that can shave weeks off a project.
Standard delivery lead times for air conditioning chillers are between six to ten weeks. With the Tetris, this can be reduced to seven days.
Neal Gooding, Managing Director of Easy Air Conditioning, which distributes Blue Box in the UK, says: “It is a huge leap forward and opens up new possibilities for handling breakdowns in sensitive applications, such as computer suites, supermarkets, food production factories and high value areas such as financial institutions.”

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