Chilled water pump package

The IPP-CHW Ultra-Efficient Chilled Water Integrated Plant Package now launched by Armstrong is the most energy efficient solution available on the market today for chilled water applications in the 500 to 3600 kW range.  It has been shown to provide operating plant efficiencies of not less than 7.3 COP (on an annual average basis). This applies not just to the chiller unit, but to the performance of the entire system. It is also the most space efficient solution available, with the potential to reduce plant footprint by 2/3rds, and offers all the project benefits of off-site manufacture.
The Armstrong IPP-CHW is able to use less energy because it is an all-variable, fully automated system utilising the Armstrong Integrated Plant Controller (IPC), based on advanced Hartman Loop control methodology. It incorporates Armstrong vertical inline Series 4300 pumps, and high-reliability, low-maintenance Quantum chillers with oil-free frictionless compressors. It is delivered to site as one fully integrated, factory-built product.
The IPP-CHW offers unrivalled energy efficiency by operating as a single integrated system, rather than as three independent PID loops. Its controller maximises the potential of the variable speed, auto mode components in the system.

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