Chilled beams take off worldwide

There is growing evidence that multi-service chilled beams (MSCBs) are increasing in popularity overseas, according to leading air distribution system provider Trox UK.
Trox Export Manager Mark Dawes says that, following their outstanding sales success in the UK over the past five years, MSCBs (chilled beams that can incorporate a range of services including lighting, cables, sprinklers and fire alarms) are starting to make inroads into the international comfort cooling market.
Trox has had orders for 15 export projects so far ranging in value from £30,000 to over £2.5 million.
Initially these MSCBs were being specified by UK architects and consultants working on overseas projects, but now the benefits of these systems are being well accepted by the local teams.
Many markets have old buildings within the city centres which are being refurbished and MSCBs are becoming the number one option given that they can be installed where headroom (i.e. floor to soffit dimension) is very limited.
The growth of MSCBs in the export markets has virtually doubled every year for the last three years.  The belief at Trox is that many American and European architects and consultants are becoming more aware of the significant range of advantages MSCBs can bring to their buildings.

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