Chemical cleaning pump for industrial plate heat exchangers

C210 FWF with phex2_smallWhen a food processing plant in North Yorkshire found that oil coolers were running too hot, and heat exchangers used for pasteurising food were struggling to keep up, the cause was quickly identified as being scale and corrosion debris in the water side of several plate heat exchangers.

They needed a quick way to chemically clean the heat exchangers, ideally without stripping them down and losing too much production.

The solution was a Kamco Scalebreaker C210 chemical cleaning and descaling pump, which may be used to clean plate heat exchangers and many other types of heating and cooling equipment.

After circulating Scalebreaker FX descaling liquid through an oil cooler for a few hours, the inlet pressure had dropped from 29 psi to 14 psi, and the flow rate had dramatically increased, indicating that the heat exchanger had been very effectively cleaned, without any disassembly.

The C210 safely encloses chemicals at all times within the 125 litre tank, hoses or equipment being descaled, minimising fumes, splashes and consequent risks to operators.

The high circulation rate coupled with a 24 metre head gives faster and more effective descaling. Operating the integral flow reverser ensures vigorous and turbulent movement of descaling solutions to sweep away reaction by-products and enable fresh solution to reach heat transfer surfaces.

Although capable of handling large descaling jobs, the C210 weighs only 29kg (without hoses), and can be easily transported by one man.

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