Checklist helps consultants

Today’s HVAC drives can deliver major benefits in commercial, residential and industrial buildings. ABB’s new checklist for HVAC consultants aims to ensure that neither consultants nor their clients miss out. ‘Variable speed drives selection for building services: Checklist for HVAC consultants’ highlights all the drive features that can help to deliver the best possible performance from the HVAC system.
In recent years, the performance of variable speed drives has improved dramatically. They offer greater energy efficiency and lower energy bills, reduced maintenance and more flexibility for end users, as well as faster installation and commissioning for contractors. Yet an estimated 70% of building services consultants may not be using the most up-to-date specifications when selecting variable speed drives for their HVAC installations.

The reason is that consultants do not actually purchase drives, so they are not always targeted with the latest information by manufacturers. ABB’s checklist is designed to arm them with the knowledge they need. It provides a definitive guide to all the product features and associated benefits available from today’s bespoke HVAC drives.

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