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Registration is now open for the 2018 SkillFRIDGE series, and any apprentice studying Level 2 RACHP upwards is now eligible to compete after the removal of the upper age limit.

A growing demand for efficient and reliable refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump services and a predicted skills shortage mean it is vital to engage a new generation of engineers and inspire those already involved in the industry via skills competitions such as SkillFRIDGE.

Removing the upper age limit for competitors will encourage diversity within the competition and ensure that all aspiring engineers have the opportunity to learn best practise, get hands on with the latest technologies and develop their knowledge and skills whilst benchmarking them against industry standards.

The competition helps aspiring engineers grow, cultivating a strong and innovative workforce to lead the industry into the future. Commenting on the boost that the experience has given him, SkillFRIDGE 2017 winner Jack Culhane says: “I’m so happy to have won because it makes all of the time and effort I’ve put in training and learning at college and work worth it. I think it’s a great thing to have on my CV which will hopefully open doors for me going forward in my career.

“I’d definitely say to others considering the competition to give it a go!”

Training providers may use the passive test available via the SkillFRIDGE website to identify apprentices that may be suitable to compete in this year’s series.

A refreshed format

The SkillFRIDGE competition is composed of three stages:

Registration Stage
To ensure that competitors have been verified and are of a standard to enjoy and benefit from the skills competition, a preliminary test must be carried out by a training provider and scores must be submitted at the point of registration.

National competition
Regional heats will be held from May to August throughout the UK. Registered competitors will complete a series of tasks under strict time schedules and have their work assessed by a panel of specially selected industry experts.

The competitor that achieves the highest score nationally will be crowned the SkillFRIDGE National Winner, and will be invited to receive their accolade at the BESA Awards in October.

WorldSkills UK National Final (Eligible competitors)
The seven highest scores from the national competition (subject to being eligible under WSUK guidelines) will be invited to compete at the WorldSkills UK Skills Show in November.

The highest scoring competitor during the WorldSkills UK final will be presented with a trophy and their respective training provider will receive the SkillFRIDGE shield at the ACR News Awards in January 2019. High scoring apprentices will also be considered to represent Great Britain at the International WorldSkills competition.

For more information on the competition cycle, visit

Engaging with the next generation of engineers

In order for SkillFRIDGE to deliver the platform needed to tackle the skills crisis and uphold industry standards, it is reliant on the investment of time and resources from the wider industry.

Skills competitions are a great environment for industry to show its products and services, and get their brands closer to the next generation of engineers.

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