Cesar from Thorn

Cool, ultra-modern with minimalist, clean lines, the new Cesar range from Thorn Lighting is a highly versatile collection of wall-mounted cylindrical floodlights. Two types are available, one with dual light emission (up/down), which can be independently switched, and the other up or down only. This flexibility enables the projector to wash the front of a building or direct the light down onto the pavement creating pools of light without glare.

There are four sizes covering seven different lamp types, from 3W LEDs to 150W metal halide – the combination of adjustable lampholder and intensive or semi-intensive reflector adding a further dimension to the optical versatility of the luminaire.

Beneath its attractive exterior, the Cesar conceals a robust, all aluminium construction, the toughened glass lens attached to the body by tamper resistant stainless steel screws, sealing the projector to IP65.

Models are available using tinted or frosted filters which give colourful or diffused effects and for applications where glare control is required, louvres can be used (sizes 3 and 4).

This is a floodlight with strong design appeal that will enhance all modern amenity environments.

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