CentraLine is energy efficient

Energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly buildings are at the heart of the new CentraLine by Honeywell brand. It combines well-proven technology with innovative new thinking in a range of fresh new products, from field devices to controllers and management systems. All are designed to be easy to operate, reliable and employ future-safe technology standards.
CentraLine by Honeywell is ideal for new systems and upgrades: clients working with limited budgets can benefit from immediate energy-savings by, for example, replacing existing controllers with these latest technologically advanced products. They can add to or upgrade the system easily at any time.

The range includes the versatile Panther and new high-performance Tiger controllers with LONWORKS compatibility, the well-established Honeywell Excel 5000 platform, Excel Web which provides control using existing IP networks, the SymmetrE PC-based BMS and also a comprehensive range of field devices including the new Honeywell HVAC Drive for motor control.

CentraLine by Honeywell is available through an enlarged network of independent automation and control integrators comprising former CentraLine and Honeywell Partners.

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