CentraLine by Honeywell offers integrated room management

CentraLine by Honeywell has launched the MERLIN NX, a programmable Niagara 4 BACnet MS/TP room controller that enables integrated room management and offers outstanding application engineering and installation advantages.

Being freely programmable, MERLIN NX can work with most applications, from heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), to lighting and shading. It can communicate energy demands to the plant control level, optimising not only energy use for cooling and heating but also overall energy efficiency.

Using CentraLine’s Niagara eXtended (NX), the room controller is part of the Single-Tool-Engineering throughout the building management system, thereby also offering consistent and flexible handling options for the building operator – from room and plant control to supervisor level and even cloud-managed solutions.

With common control strategies across HVAC, lighting and shading, MERLIN NX ensures the top-level classification A of the EN 15232 standard and helps to meet EU CO2 reduction targets. The use of state-of-the-art function blocks enables both efficient engineering as well as maximum energy savings. The function block “shading”, for example, supports height and slat angle positioning. It has inputs for emergency signals (e.g., strong wind), manual settings, and application-specific settings (freely programmable). With all relevant information included in the function block, application engineers do not need to know all the details regarding the sunblind positioning. They can focus on customer specific application logic like activating the blind for solar heating if a room is unoccupied.

MERLIN NX uses BACnet MS/TP a simple two-wire cabling that can be used for installation. This greatly reduces costs not only for new construction but also for refurbishments where the two-wire cabling often already in place can be reused. To cover different installation requirements, the controller can be universally mounted on DIN rails, small installation housings and onto walls, including optional terminal covers.

The installation costs are minimised further as the controller offers 24 VAC aux. output voltage, allowing direct connection and powering of field devices. Furthermore, the Master-Follower-Concept enables the fully automated rollout of application changes from a master controller to all other networked controllers.

The free programmability of the MERLIN NX makes adaptations to future application needs easy. Its vendor-independent offering (Niagara, BACnet) keeps all options open for the future. New Connected Building Management services can easily be utilised via the integrated cloud connector on plant control and supervision levels.

MERLIN NX is available in 24 VAC and 230 VAC versions and with various input/output options.



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