• Partnership delivers sustainable, viable multi-site solution

    By Sarah on March 12, 2019
    BAM Construction is progressing with a £67m framework to build a batch of secondary schools in the North-East, won in part through its collaboration with Gilberts Blackpool. The four schools will all be ventilated using Gilberts’ innovative MFS unit, which pioneered the concept of hybrid ventilation in multi-occupancy rooms such as classrooms – a concept recognised as a valid strategy […]
  • Panasonic and Systemair partner to develop integrated HVAC&R solutions

    By Sarah on March 8, 2019
    Panasonic Corporation, the worldwide leader in the development of HVAC&R along with Systemair, the global specialist in ventilation and applied air conditioning technology, today announce a strategic partnership to develop integrated and sustainable solutions for the commercial and residential sectors. The Panasonic/Systemair collaboration will leverage existing technology and expertise from both parties, setting new trends within the European HVAC&R market. […]
  • Leading energy & utilities CEOs launch a sector inclusion commitment

    By Sarah on February 11, 2019
    CEOs from 32 of the country’s leading energy and utilities employers today launch a sector Inclusion Commitment that is a long-term commitment to attract more diverse and inclusive talent into their industry, reflecting the communities they serve. The Energy & Utilities Skills Partnership, led by sector employers, recognised in its Workforce Renewal and Skills Strategy: 2020 that its current workforce […]
  • Explaining the Urban Heat Island Effect: How to Design Heat out of Homes in Urban Areas

    By ZehnderUK on February 4, 2019
    What is the UHI effect, what causes it and why does it matter? And what solutions are available to mitigate the issue? The world is heating up and temperatures are rising globally. With this comes a resulting increase in building temperatures, particularly in urban areas. It seems obvious that in heavily populated towns and cities, buildings will be closer together […]
  • The true extent and costs of poor-quality housing and buildings in the UK

    By ZehnderUK on January 27, 2019
    ‘We must ensure that the homes and buildings we work and live in positively contribute to our physical and mental health instead of diminishing it.’ Jim Shannon MP – Chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Healthy Homes and Buildings This quote opens the recent White Paper (Building our Future – Laying the Foundations for Healthy Homes and Buildings) that […]
  • Optical human presence detector for counting people

    By Sarah on January 24, 2019
    As the world’s first human presence detector, the HPD2 from Steinel Professional uses optical sensor technology not only to detect to the presence of persons but also to count them in defined zones – regardless of any movement. At the heart of this human presence detector is a high-precision optical system that has been combined with a complex mathematical algorithm. […]
  • Britain’s high health and safety standards must be protected after Brexit, demands British Safety Council

    By Sarah on December 12, 2018
    The British Safety Council reiterates its demand that the UK’s withdrawal from the EU must not in any way erode the progress made in the UK over the last four decades on workplace health, safety and welfare standards, together with the protection of worker’s rights and product safety. The adoption of EU directives into the UK legislative framework has been […]
  • The unforeseen results of the drive for energy efficiency in buildings

    By ZehnderUK on December 12, 2018
    Building design and the renovation of the current housing stock should be holistic; considering elements such as energy efficiency, indoor air quality, ventilation, lighting and acoustics, etc. The health, comfort and wellbeing of residents should be at the heart of good building and infrastructure planning. Jim Shannon MP- Chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Healthy Homes and Buildings   Anyone reading the White […]
  • Toshiba launches new website for rapid access to customer support and technical data

    By Sarah on December 4, 2018
    Toshiba Air Conditioning has launched an updated website that gives customers quick access to the company’s comprehensive range of product support, training and technical resources. Toshiba Air Conditioning UK is a part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp. David Dunn, managing director of sales for TCUK Ltd, said: “We have a simple philosophy at […]
  • ErP – We are ready

    By Sarah on November 20, 2018
    Warm air, radiant and heating products are now affected by European Regulations. Warm air heaters are subject to Lot 21 of the directive and radiant heaters Lot 20. Minimum efficiencies for warm air is now 72% and radiant heaters is now 74%. Crucially, these minimum criteria are applicable for both new installations and when replacing existing products. As a result, […]