Carrier launches the AiroQ

As part of Carrier’s drive to simplify the specification of air handling systems it has developed the AiroQ. This is a packaged, complete air handling system for air flows from 1.8 to over 11 m3/s and cooling capacities up to 190 kW with integrated controls and software.
The development of this new product has drawn together the air conditioning expertise of Carrier, the air handling tradition of Carrier Holland Heating and the controls expertise that Carrier has developed and acquired in recent years. The result is a fully integrated system with heat recovery as standard, and all the on-board controls to optimise performance and interface easily with other building systems.

A sorption heat recovery wheel is supplied as standard to ensure high sensible and latent heat recovery. Carrier designed and manufactured heating and cooling coils are factory fitted into the AiroQ package to deliver a high quality but standardised ‘plug and play’ product able to be specified from a simple selection sheet.

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