CAREL presents new-generation solutions at Euroshop 2020

Euroshop 2020 marked an important milestone for CAREL; at the show, the company presented significant enhancements to its offering for commercial refrigeration, in the food retail and food service segments, with important innovations in both control solutions and digital services. “Better control, better environment is a theme that perfectly reflects our goals and the results we aim to achieve, as could be seen tangibly in the innovations on show at Euroshop 2020”, commented Alessandro Greggio, CAREL Group chief sales & marketing officer – Refrigeration. “CAREL’s control systems and the innovations that support them are in fact designed to support the HVAC/R industry with solutions that increasingly enable reductions in energy consumption, environmental impact and operating costs for our customers and end users.”


Heos – ultimate solution for semi plug-in units

Heos, the CAREL control solution for the development of semi plug-in and air-cooled plug-in waterloop systems, has been extended to include Heosbox, the new condensing unit entirely conceived and developed by CAREL, which allows operators to reduce their time to market in adopting Heos systems and to simplify the monitoring and optimisation of systems through digital services created specifically for Heosbox.
Also presented was Heosone, designed for medium- and low-capacity commercial and professional refrigerated units that use propane as the refrigerant.

iJ, stylish and connected – the future for food service equipment

At Euroshop 2020 CAREL presented iJ, the new control platform for commercial refrigeration, with the initial focus on the food service OEM market. This platform gives manufacturers significant scope to create a custom look to enhance the refrigerated units based on their own designs, offering the market an incredible level of customisation and above all unique aesthetics. With iJ, CAREL also provides the state-of-the-art in connection options, both in the field via dedicated apps, and always-on connection to the cloud: the refrigerated units are natively “connected”, allowing customers to explore new business models and optimise existing ones.

RED: the new-generation CAREL digital services platform

With upgraded content, technology and user interface, RED is the ideal solution for controlling systems and reducing management costs. System optimisation, improved food quality levels and lower maintenance costs are all objectives that can be achieved with RED. “Recognition of critical patterns and identification of improvement actions are challenges for a small number of experts when starting from raw data”, commented Serena Ometto, after sales & services sales&marketing manager. “Exploiting CAREL’s decades of experience in real field applications, thermodynamic expertise acquired in laboratory analysis and modern data mining and artificial intelligence technologies, RED provides practical and easily understandable information”.


Extended innovation

Numerous other innovations were also on show: solutions for centralised refrigerated cabinets with MPXzero, the new entry level controller, and MPXone advanced, enhanced with built-in management of electronic expansion valves. The range of local monitoring systems was also extended with boss micro, the latest addition to the boss family, which enables, even for small formats such as c-stores, petrol stations and quick service restaurants, a simple user experience and advanced system management features, both in stand-alone mode and when connected to the cloud.

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