Carbon scores zero on Shetland

The Zero Carbon House – now being built on the Shetland Island of Unst – is a low energy demonstration project to show how renewable energy can create a unique living experience on a remote island in a severe climate.
A holistic approach has been taken to eliminating household carbon emissions that would normally result from heating and powering the home, running the family car and growing and transporting food. Wiring devices and consumer units from MK Electric have been deployed to provide the optimum in safety and convenience throughout the building.

The house is based on a standard design from a timber frame company and is being constructed to very high levels of energy efficiency. Heating will be provided by an air-to-water heat pump serving an underfloor heating system and providing domestic hot water via a heat store; while power will be provided by two on-site wind turbines.

Wiring accessories are from MK’s Logic Plus range which has been designed to perfectly compliment modern interiors while, technically, exceeding British Standard requirements with patented features that make it the most advanced and safest available. Circuit protection is afforded via MK’s Sentry range of consumer units. Stylishly designed to blend in with its environment, Sentry includes 21-module units for larger installations and also a 4-module unit to cater for small one-off installations and extensions to existing ones. A floating busbar system gives maximum fitting flexibility, while flush mounting versions allow for more discreet installations.

Designed to be self financing after three years through establishment of a horticulture business, training and education facility, the project will offer real time monitoring on a web site, including information on costs and pay-backs.

The project is highly replicable and addresses social economic and environmental issues that are of relevance across the whole of Scotland, the UK and beyond. Support is being provided by Communities Scotland, EST Scotland and Shetland Enterprise.

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