Buildings are becoming more complex

The demands to meet energy, carbon and waste targets are growing. Building users need to know how their buildings work so that they can manage them to be more energy efficient.

CIBSE Certification Ltd is renowned for certifying knowledgeable practitioners in the industry offering them technical support, software support, entrance to both the CIBSE Low Carbon Consultant (LCC) and Low Carbon Energy Assessor (LCEA) registers, as well as continuous marketing of our assessors. We aim to provide a quality service to all applicants by offering them unrivalled technical support, software support, entrance to both CIBSE LCC and LCEA registers, on-going marketing of assessors, competitive rates for lodgements, international recognition, membership and quality assurance.


By joining our scheme you will not just be able to count carbon and supply energy certificates, but to control carbon and help clients to meet both their financial and corporate social responsibility aims by reducing their carbon footprints.


In order to practice as an energy assessor with CIBSE you also need to meet the requirements to register as a CIBSE Low Carbon Consultant which gives you a distinct advantage in a competitive market. Not all energy assessors will meet the requirements of becoming a Low Carbon Consultant, so you could say that it is the energy assessors that CIBSE certify, which make CIBSE Low Carbon Energy Assessors highly regarded throughout the industry.


To find out more about CIBSE Certification Ltd:

Telephone: 0208 772 3650


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