Building Management System interface from A.O. Smith

A.O. Smith launches the BMS interface for the BFC, SGE and SGS appliances.

By using the BMS interface you can extract data from the appliance. This data can be converted to your Building Management Software. This application enables you to monitor the hot water installation.

The BMS interface converts the information of the installation to a ModBus protocol, one of the most used protocols in Building Management.

The BMS interface can monitor almost 50 parameters; Legionella settings, fault indications, the contribution of the solar system, temperatures in the appliance, burning hours, etc. The complete list of parameters can be found in the instruction manual at

Monitoring the Legionella settings and checking the program is very important. The BMS interface can register, by processing the information regarding the temperature in the tank, that the Legionella program ran at a specific time and date.

Do you already have an SGE, SGS or BFC and would like to add the BMS interface to your installation? Please go to for more information.

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