Building automation is easier

Building automation is now easier and less expensive, with new cost-reducing variants of Excel Web, a freely programmable Building Automation controller from CentraLine, by Honeywell.
Excel Web uses an existing IP network (Ethernet LAN/WAN) for plant controllers, and is operated via standard web browsers, greatly reducing project costs. The new 52-point and 104-point models are more cost-effective for small buildings than the original 300 and 600-point controllers. All are fully LONWORKS and BACnet compatible.

Excel Web can host a huge variety of building management applications, such as traditional HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning); energy management including optimum start/stop, night purge and maximum load demand; supervisory functions for lighting, sun-blind, heat and energy metering and many other applications.

LONWORKS compatibility ensures free choice in selecting HVAC plant vendors, now and in the future.

Excel Web provides direct access via Intranet or Internet; there is no need for additional routers. It is freely programmable using the CARE Engineering Tool from Honeywell. Existing application macros from the Honeywell Excel 5000 System can be re-used. This allows the use of standard, pre-tested and pre-documented application and control strategies.

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