Build in extra intelligence with Beckhoff’s central platform for media and building automation

Many of our buildings and places of work are being scrutinised, reassessed and reimagined as modern, well-connected structures with systems and platforms that can provide the high levels of flexibility, efficiency, transparency and scalability demanded by end users. However, these demands have become increasingly difficult to cater for without adopting a joined-up approach to building control technology.

A single platform for building automation, media and entertainment elements offers clarity and continuity, providing building management with all of the relevant system information at their fingertips. Experts in PC-based control, Beckhoff allows users to run any application for building and media technology on a centralised control platform – from audio and video control to integrated building automation and digital signage; the opportunities and applications are almost endless.

Having long championed PC-based controls, changing the landscape of industrial automation and process control for over 30 years, Beckhoff is one of the World’s largest manufacturers of industrial PCs and is fully focused on drawing attention to the advantages gained through the intelligent interconnection of elements that were previously kept apart. These benefits can include:

  • Economic efficiency
  • Future-proofed systems
  • Fully scalable architecture, from single room to whole building
  • Simplified networking
  • Seamless integration into IT and Cloud platforms
  • The flexibility to respond and adapt
  • High availability

Whether it’s a typical office environment, a conference hall, a theatre or a stadium, Beckhoff’s powerful industrial PCs lay the foundations for an open control platform that can be utilised in a diverse range of applications. I/O systems can be used to connect countless sensors and actuators, including daylight dependent lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, as well as show lighting, sound and projection controls.

Intelligent buildings require the smartest solutions – Beckhoff’s PC based technology can help you build a single platform to meet all media technology and building automation needs.



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