Buckingham Palace slashes losses

Atlantic Boilers of Ashton Under Lyne have reduced the heating plant distribution costs for the first two satellite plant rooms at Buckingham Palace, London. The whole project, which will take place over four summers, uses Atlantic RS Turboflow plate heat exchangers which greatly increase economic heat transfer. As a result the Palace’s annual energy bill will be reduced by up to 8%. The installation will also allow the consideration of carbon-neutral fuels.
Ron Harper, Deputy Property Manager, Buckingham Palace has planned a progressive phased conversion programme for the six satellite plant rooms at the Palace. Mr Harper states: “The move will not only substantially cut distribution energy costs, but will also allow the selection of the most innovative replacement condensing boilers for the central plant.”

Large medium temperature hot water systems create large distribution heat losses. With boiler flow temperatures of 105?C to 120?C, and return temperatures from 90?C to 110?C, these heat losses can amount to 15% of the total boiler power required.

The need for these higher temperatures in the past is reflected in the use of traditional shell and tube exchangers. These exchangers convert the medium temperatures into 80?C or lower space heating and 60?C domestic hot water.

The latest Atlantic RS Turboflow plate heat exchangers greatly increase economic heat transfer. This allows the boiler flow temperature to reduce to 85?C maximum for space heating and 65?C for domestic hot water.

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