BSS teams up with big foot

BSS Industrial has teamed up with Big Foot – not the mythical monster but the building support systems company Big Foot Systems. The whole Big Foot range of feet and frames is now available within its own brand BOSSfix collection. 

The Big Foot range is specially designed to support building services and access equipment on a flat roof. Thanks to its unique design, no drilling is required and the systems can be installed around existing structures. This means the roof and its waterproof membrane remain undamaged to prevent leaks whilst installation costs are also reduced. The Big Foot Systems range is made up of environmentally conscious products which are recyclable at the end of the project.

Frank Elkins, Managing Director of BSS Industrial, said: “Big Foot systems offer numerous advantages to our customers as they can be easily installed without the need to decommission roof plant during repairs or resurfacing, making them a time and money saving option, as well as a neat and tidy solution. By partnering with Big Foot Systems our customers can benefit from a complete solution package.”

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