Brochure points the way

Mitsubishi Electric has just launched a new brochure looking at Sustainable Energy solutions which highlights the tremendous benefits of heat pump-based air conditioning over traditional forms of heating and cooling.
“Many people still aren’t aware of how energy efficient modern air conditioning is and how it can help comply with legislation and reduce energy consumption,” explained Ian Parry, Business Development Manager.

Tests have shown that a heat pump will produce 57% less carbon emissions when compared to a gas boiler and offer a 34% reduction in running costs.

Most heat pumps work on the same principle as a domestic refrigerator using a vapour compression cycle to upgrade free naturally occurring low temperature heat, into useful high temperature heat. This is reversed in the hotter months of the year to provide cooling.

This allows heat pumps to offer efficiency levels that are over 300% better than a modern gas fired condensing boiler to help businesses reduce energy consumption, lower energy bills, and minimise CO2 emissions.

The brochure details renewable and sustainable ways of introducing or upgrading air conditioning.

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