Bringing controllable efficient warmth to Woodthorne Primary School

Woodthorne Primary School, Wolverhampton is a school built in the 1960’s with buildings typical of the period. In need of refurbishment the heat emitters in school heating system hadn’t been updated since it’s installation when the school was built. By replacing the old radiators with Caspian fan convectors, the school has benefited in several ways in addition to more efficient controllable heating. Working with RMC Mechanical in Wolverhampton we have provided a comfortable learning environment that satisfies Teachers and pupils alike. Find out more how Smith’s Caspians helped to create a much more comfortable learning environment.

Aegean Fan Coils

Our newly updated range of Aegean Fan Coils is now available in 235mm and 260mm horizontal versions and a vertical 500mm version. Incorporating the latest EC motor technology, which can result in running-cost savings as high as 80%, and with variable speed control as standard, the Aegean delivers heat quickly and quietly. By using the variable fan speed, unoccupied setbacks etc. using the precise control provided by the BMS interfaces further energy consumption can be achieved. The Aegean range of fan coils units is compatible with most types of renewable heat sources.

To ensure that customers get what they are expecting the heating & cooling performance of Aegean has been tested and verified by BSRIA and the sound performance tested & verified by SRL Technical Services. Ensuring that customers achieve the performance parameters they expect is crucial in the installation and commissioning of fan coils, so this independent testing is an important aspect of the newly updated Aegean.

Space Saver

Our market leading Space Saver plinth heater offers increased flexibility and space in kitchen design as it enables the removal of kitchen radiators that may be using up valuable wall space. Fitting discreetly into the plinth of a kitchen, the Space Saver provides efficient and effective heat at low level, creating space for extra cupboards, more work surface and additional appliances. With new -build houses becoming smaller and smaller and therefore kitchen space a premium using a Space Saver for heating makes a lot of sense. They are also perfect for use in social housing.

Our Space Saver videos will show you the benefits and possibilities of replacing your kitchen radiator with plinth heater.

Space Saver is used predominantly for domestic applications where the ingenious plinth mounting feature makes it ideal for heating kitchens and utility rooms. Plinth mounting also makes Space Saver ideal for certain non-domestic applications such as reception areas, changing rooms, libraries, etc.

Delivering Quality

Since the launch of Smith’s Environmental Products in 1991 quality has been at the heart of everything we do. In 2016 we reviewed our quality processes to ensure that our products were the highest possible quality and as a result we now see only a 0.13% defective unit returns performance. Initiatives like this saw Smith’s achieve ISO 9001 status and more recently ISO14001 status.


As part of our commitment to customer service we have a team of technical specialists supporting our sales team. The technical team are there to support you with site surveys, advice on the best solutions to heat/cool commercial spaces and to provide advice where bespoke solutions are required. To contact the team please call 01245 324560


Over the past few months we have made some important changes to our team. We have recruited Matt Cooper as Regional Manager covering East Anglia, Herts, Essex, East London, Kent and Sussex. Tel: 07884 736789

We have also added 3 new Agents to our sales organisation – in Scotland, the South West/Wales and the South East.

Jason Trevellick – South West and South Wales Tel: 07811 409532

Gerry Lanagan – Scotland Tel: 07870 886182

Steve Jenner and Vickie Jenner of Delta Technical Services – South-East, covering London, Berkshire, Dorset, Hampshire, Sussex, Surrey, and Kent.

Tel: 07831 422922

Tel: 07787 556227

As part of our ambitious product development plan we have recruited a Director of Engineering. Jamie Charker joins us to drive this plan and bring a range of exciting new products to market during 2020 and beyond.

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