Bring the outdoors inside

Modular Lighting Instruments is pleased to announce its first organic light-emitting diode. Inspired by the organic molecules that create OLEDs, the O’Leaf has been designed to symbolize an elegant flower with the wafer thin OLED as the flower petal on a delicate stem. O’Leaf represents what Modular Lighting Instruments is well known for – cutting edge design combined with a high level of technical performance.

The OLED or organic light-emitting diode is composed of organic molecules based on hydrocarbon bonds, whereas traditional LED is made of non-organic crystals. The new OLED O’Leaf from Modular Lighting Instruments radiates a soft glow from all over its large ultra thin surface making it ideal for decorative lighting.

As a new type of light source, it required an innovative approach to design the latest low-energy OLED lamp therefore the designers joined forces with Couvreur & Devos to create O’Leaf. The ‘O’ in O’Leaf refers to the technology and the ‘Leaf’ reference reflects the lamps organic form.

Available in black or white, the lamp can be used for numerous applications.

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