Bring me sunshine

Buderus has launched its solar thermal heating system, designed specifically for large commercial installations.  Although the system is new to the UK market, Buderus solar collector technology is the result of over 25-years experience in solar heating in Europe.
The characteristic Buderus trait of designing top of the range heating appliances is demonstrated by the high specification of the solar system.  Several technological innovations ensure maximum efficiency is achieved for the investor. Ancillary equipment for controlling and monitoring the solar system and connection to the main heating system are available for installations of up to 50 collectors in a single field. Multiple fields of collectors are also possible in order to meet the largest of heat demands.
Two types of collector are available, the SKS range and SKN range each incorporating its own unique daylight absorption technology to capture as much natural solar energy from the sun as possible. For a correctly sized system, the heat required for hot water preparation between April and September can largely be provided by the solar collectors.

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