Bright new future

In the fast-evolving lighting field, consultants and installers need to stay ahead of the game to save clients time and money.  Lightrak KNX, the modular lighting-control system, designed and manufactured by Electrak is a perfect example of that ethos.

Lightrak KNX is completely futureproof, simple to install, commission, operate and upgrade.  It also has the advantage of an operating system, based on a fully compatible, open protocol, which offers endless scope to the consultant and lighting designer.

Fully addressable lighting control modules, presence/absence detectors, single and multi-gang switches, scene set switches, timed event controllers and much more, are all part of the system.  Dimming, corridor hold, daylight linking, and time scheduling, can be built in to Lightrak, as required.

Lightrak is supremely user-friendly, with modules interconnecting via Wieland or RJ45 connectors.  On installation all the user needs to do is plug and play.  If changes are needed, these are done digitally by any trained KNX integrator without disturbing a single ceiling tile.

Lightrak is a consultants dream because it is used alongside Electrak’s new buscom trunking system, which combines power and datacomms control within a single product.

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