Breezing into college

Institutions are increasingly concerned with their environmental impact, and new building programmes provide an obvious opportunity for adopting best environmental practice and using the latest technology to create greener buildings. Now, the award-winning Breezair evaporative cooling system from exclusive UK and Irish distributors, CoSaf Environments, has been specified for two major building projects in the higher educational sector for being the most environmental and cost effective means of cooling the buildings.

The Icon Breezair coolers have been specified by WS Atkins for the new £9 million Marine & Built Environment Centre at Llandrillo College in Colwyn Bay, North Wales. Due to open in November, the Centre will include a range of full and part-time courses associated with the marine sector.

Being a BREEAM Education building, (the Government’s benchmark to measure the environmental performance of building), four Breezair Icon coolers have been specified to provide cooling to the second floor classrooms and IT rooms. The Breezair coolers are installed externally with conditioned-air being ducted to each classroom. In order to maintain the optimum temperature and maximise free cooling, the units automatically adjust the motor speed to cope with different ducting systems and back pressures.

The Breezair Icon coolers are being operated by a Building Management System (BMS), which is also linked into a rainwater harvesting system. This maximises use of the reclaimable rainwater and enhances the systems green credentials.

In addition a total of 20 Breezair units have been specified by the international consultancy, OPERON Group, for the new £100 million flagship campus for Stockport College. When completed, the campus will provide 10,000 students with an exciting learning environment with state-of-the-art teaching facilities, shops, restaurants, salons, workshops and sports facilities.

The Breezair coolers will provide summer and winter ventilation together with full summer comfort cooling to all four floors of the new structure. Breezair Icons are located at roof level with conditioned-air being ducted to each room via DW144 galvanised ducting which automatically vary the air volume to maintain space temperature and maximise free cooling. As with Llandrillo College, the coolers are being operated with a BMS in order to maintain year round ventilation.



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