Breezair gets the thumbs up

Resolving the conundrum of cooling Aimia Foods’ sealed, packaging area and providing its workforce with a more comfortable working environment has resulted in a further order for Breezair coolers for CoSaf Environments, a distributor of the Breezair evaporative cooling system.
A leading UK beverage and food supplier to the vending, foodservice and retail markets, Aimia Foods undertakes the packaging of its products in a sealed, hygienic environment using a range of equipment including form, fill and seal machines, shrink tunnels and dust extraction units.  With heat generated from the machines causing temperatures to rise to above 28°C, the company needed to find a method of cooling that would not introduce contaminants into the environment.
Breezair evaporative coolers contain large filter pads, which are kept wet by a water distribution system.   Hot air is drawn through the pads by a powerful centrifugal fan and is cooled by the evaporative process.  In this way, the air is cooled without introducing any water droplets (aerosols) to provide a constant flow of 100% naturally, cooled, fresh air. No air is recirculated. The water scrubs out any impurities from the incoming air and only pure water is evaporated.
This method of cooling not only met Aimia Foods requirement for a pollutant free environment but also as the Breezair system has been designed to provide a gentle breeze rather than blowing turbulent air, the powdered raw materials in the factory are not scattered during the packaging process.  Two Breezair coolers have been installed by CoSaf on the outside of the building with air being distributed via an extensive network of ductwork to air diffusers throughout the area. Temperatures are controlled by programmable regulators, which provide four different control modes.
“Breezair is absolutely fantastic and there have been some very positive benefits”, says Mike Green, Plan, Preventative Maintenance & Project Engineer at Aimia Foods.  “Since CoSaf installed the coolers, indoor temperatures have been reduced by around 8°C. This has resulted in a more suitable working environment for our staff and therefore increased production.  Breezair has proved so successful that we have asked CoSaf to mirror the installation at our second manufacturing facility”.
The Breezair system is housed in a simple, clean, ultra-modern designed plastic casing specially developed to withstand all weather conditions. The Breezair’s state-of-the-art components include an innovative water distribution system, which delivers continuous, balanced water coverage to all the pads.  The world-patented system ensures maximum cooling efficiency and minimal maintenance problems.
An innovatively designed, aerodynamic fan provides a constant, even flow of air over the pads to provide a welcome cool breeze with minimal noise and low energy consumption.  Other pioneering components include a highly efficient water pump that guarantees constant and reliable cooling when most needed, and a long lasting variable speed motor that gives maximum comfort level control.

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