Breathing Buildings offers CIBSE-approved CPD on school ventilation

Breathing Buildings, the UK’s leading provider of controlled hybrid ventilation systems, is offering a CIBSE-approved CPD on meeting the requirements ofBB101: Guidelines on ventilation, thermal comfort and indoor air quality in schoolsand TM52: The Limits of Thermal Comfort; Avoiding Overheating.This essential course is particularly timely with the current focus on schools and ventilation in order to improve indoor air quality (IAQ) and help mitigate COVID-19 transmission, while helping ensure thermal comfort. 

The ‘Meeting the Requirements of BB101 and TM52 CPD’ examinesthe current ventilation and thermal requirements within BB101 and TM52 and provides an introduction to Natural and Hybrid ventilation strategies, how mixing ventilation works and how these ventilation solutions can help meet the demands of the regulations. The course also covers requirements of design guidance, discussing overheating and IAQ criteria and what is needed in order to achieve compliance, as well as what it means for the ventilation systems being installed.

The CPD includes the following learning objectives:

  • Challenges with BB101 V4
  • What is winter mixing and summer night cooling?
  • Current building requirements for BB101
  • What is summertime overheating?
  • BB101 ventilation systems
  • Acoustics and draught calculations
  • What are the different ventilation strategies?
  • COVID-19 and ventilation systems.

To book your CIBSE-approved CPD please contact us at info@breathingbuildings.comor call +44 (0) 1223 450 060

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