BRE publishes guidance on managing energy

BRE has brought together its knowledge and experience in energy management

into a new report; Energy management in the built environment which has been prepared with assistance from the Energy Services and Technology Association (ESTA).

“The rising cost of energy in the UK since 2000 has highlighted the need for improved energy management,” said Andy Lewry, author of the report. “Security of energy supply has also become an issue, and UK production satisfied only about 70% of demand in 2010.”

Variable cost

UK businesses spend £2.4 billion annually on energy, of which 21% is wasted. “When managing energy, one has to overcome the false perception that it is a fixed cost to a business,” said Alan Aldridge, Executive Director of ESTA. “Considering energy as a variable cost to a business provides the opportunity to discover the size of potential savings,” he added.

The guide provides a step-by-step approach that can be applied by anyone responsible for energy management in an organisation, from board level to operational staff. Most of the examples are the built environment, but the underlying principles can be employed in any organisation or industry sector.

The report also features a matrix tool that can be used to help organisations to identify areas for improvement, prioritise energy management activities and maximise potential benefits.

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