BRE launches scheme to help manufacturers

BRE has launched a new Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) verification scheme allowing product manufacturers to communicate their sustainability credentials to customers.

A world leader in certifying sustainable products, BRE has launched the scheme to offer a comprehensive package of services in line with the new EN 15804 standard to help product manufacturers to access European markets.

EPD are a standardised way of quantifying the environmental impact of a product or system which can be used to help manufacturers target impact reductions and engage with the supply chain.

Victoria Blake, BRE’s Associate Director of Sustainable Products said: “On completion of our new scheme, members receive a verified EPD and an industry recognised BRE Global certification mark, which demonstrates to the market that their product has gone through a rigorous assessment and verification process.”

Members of the scheme will have access to BRE’s Product Category Rules (PCR) and a range of supporting material, which will help ensure products comply with EN 15804.

Using BRE’s PCR, an EPD can then be created with the help of a Life Cycle Assessment Practitioner, such as BRE. Once this EPD has been created and verified by BRE Global, the products will be listed on the Greenbooklive websites.