BPMA launches EU Directives advisory service

Do you know whether the documentation supporting the placement of your products onto the UK and European market is legally compliant?

Not being legally compliant in these matters can lead to large fines for the company. But worse still, if a non-compliant product leads to an injury or death, it can result in prosecution or even imprisonment for company executives.

The BPMA has for many years provided generic information to its members on EU Directives which specifically affect the pump industry, either through guidance documents, position papers or more general information given out at meetings. As such, the BPMA believes it is the only UK organisation that specifically addresses the effects of EU legislation on suppliers of liquid pumps.

Building on this important ‘information transfer’ the BPMA has introduced a new ‘advisory service’ which will help companies to achieve and maintain the correct CE Marking procedures and documentation. Through this new service, the BPMA will:

  • Site visit your premises in the UK
  • Carry out an evaluation of your on-site Technical File, CE Marking,                                            Declaration of Conformity, and other compliance procedures
  • Provide an information folder
  • Offer specific advice and information
  • Submit a follow-up written report

The follow-up report will consist of a summary, indicating compliant and non-compliant findings during the visit. It will also advise on any appropriate measures and actions to be taken to ensure products are legally placed on the market within the UK and across Europe.

For more information about the service, contact Steve Smith at the BPMA on 0121 601 6691 or e-mail s.smith@bpma.org.uk


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