Box clever with Fujitsu

Fujitsu’s J-Series is playing an important part as a vital component in a system which provides free and eco-friendly hot water for homes and businesses. The development of the Eco Hot Box, a zero carbon method to produce free hot water, is a major technological breakthrough by All Four Seasons, the air conditioning and heat pump installation specialists.

The system is simple in both concept and installation; it consists of a thermal store, Eco Hot Box and circulation pump connected to Fujitsu’s J-series air conditioning unit. Waste heat from the air conditioning system is simply converted into free hot water when operating in cooling mode. The Eco Hot Box is claimed to actually pay for itself in the first year of operation depending upon the application and continue to provide cost free hot water long into the future.

“The Eco Hot Box can be retro fitted to many existing systems – it is compatible with around 50% of all air conditioning and heat pump systems including splits and VRV/VRF avoiding the need for costly replacement or additional systems, saving money on running costs and drastically reducing carbon emissions,” says the company’s Business Development Manager Jamie Leader.

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