Bosch welcomes new heat network standards

The introduction of new heat network standards, developed in partnership between the Association of Decentralised Energy (ADE) and Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE), has been welcomed by a leading commercial and industrial heating manufacturer.

Geoff Hobbs, Business Development Director at Bosch Commercial and Industrial Heating, believes that now is the time to raise industry standards as the resurgence of district heating networks continues to grow.

He commented: “At present, there are an estimated 250,000 dwellings thought to be on district heating schemes in the UK and numbers are growing all the time. Whilst Britain is taking a big step towards improved energy efficiency, it is important that we continue to set our standards as high as possible to ensure this growth is able to deliver sustainability on a large scale.

“In an age where Britain is facing ambitious carbon reduction targets, alternative ways to heat homes that can help reduce both carbon usage and emissions, whilst saving homeowners and tenants money in the face of rising fuel costs, means district heating networks can deliver on all levels.

“With this in mind, ADE and CIBSE promoting best practice through the introduction of new heat network standards will provide specifiers and developers with a solid foundation to achieving the highest district heating efficiencies.”

The ADE and CIBSE brought together leading industry partners to draft the Code of Practice for Heat Networks. This not only ensures that heat networks are designed to operate effectively, but also seeks to establish shared standards for the development of district heating.

Geoff reminds stakeholders that we need not look far to see the benefits of correctly designed and implemented, wide-spread district heating schemes.

He added: “Although district heating networks are on the rise in the UK, we are still some way behind Scandinavian countries like Denmark who have really led the way in this area over the years. These countries now have such a wealth of experience that there is much the UK can learn by following their example in order to replicate heating network success and pave a clear route towards increased energy efficiency.

“The good news is this appears to be happening and the new Code of Practice for Heat Networks will only help to enhance things further.”

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