Boosting energy efficiency

The potential energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness of buildings’ HVAC systems has been given a huge boost by CentraLine from Honeywell, with its new Spyder terminal unit controller and Zio programmable wall units.

Spyder and Zio enable CentraLine Partner companies to design and install complex HVAC control systems cost-effectively.  They satisfy user demands for greater energy efficiency with ease of use, yet with simpler design, installation and commissioning than previously possible.

Zio wall units make it easy for building users – from office workers and administrators to apartment and hotel residents – to adjust room conditions. They feature a very large backlit LCD display and are available in two versions: one with a built-in temperature sensor, the other with both temperature and humidity sensors.

Zio and Spyder communicate through a two-wire, polarity-insensitive connection using Sylk bus communications.

Spyder controllers feature Honeywell’s Adaptive Integral Algorithm (AIA) Control, the most accurate device available for space control applications. AIA reduces overshoot and ensures customer comfort is achieved quickly. It also saves actuator wear by reducing the number of times it repositions, increasing the life of the actuator.

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