BlueScience offers a breath of fresh air to occupiable spaces

For the last 18 months, ‘air conditioning’ has been under attack from the media
globally. Systems have been labelled as ‘liabilities’ and ‘hazardous’ and the public have been advised
not to use them. BlueScience is designed to eradicate those fears and convert air conditioning units
into their own solution.
A major health concern of modern-day life is the presence of viruses and bacteria in confined public
areas (referred to as ‘occupiable spaces’ by the UK government). Indoor hotspots such as offices,
meeting rooms, restaurants, cafes and waiting rooms, see compact congregations of people. Ducted
ventilation can conform to the latest Governments Guidelines on maintaining a steady supply of fresh
air however Mini Split units do not benefit from the same luxury, so has no way to nullify the risks of
airborne infection.
BlueScience makes use of the nature of these indoor hotspots to contain wall mounted airconditioning units, providing a retrofit air-sterilization system, that massively decreases the chance of
airborne infection/contamination.
Not only does BlueScience inactivate Viruses and bacteria, but it also acts as a neutraliser to
unpleasant or overpowering odours that are often found in germ-volatile environments such as
restaurants, gym, bars, and clubs.
“We fitted BlueScience UV-c into all the air-con units in our building. I was expecting a huge and
expensive process to fit disinfection into our air supply, but I was amazed how quick it was. 10 minutes
per unit and the engineers were done. Now as we to return to normality and our bar and live
music/comedy gigs, we can conform to the government guidelines without extensive reworks or ill
afforded cost” – Nick McDowell, The REC Rooms.

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