BlueDiamond MEGABLUE® ultra-quiet and ultra-reliable

The MEGABLUE® has a slimline, lightweight design and is whisper quiet. It also has the performance
to overcome installation challenges. With the MEGABLUE® there is no cost penalty up front but big
savings on installation and service beyond.
Using the same patented rotary diaphragm technology to the rest of the BLUEDIAMOND® range, the
MEGABLUE® still offers ultra-quiet, ultra-reliable characteristics, whilst being able to pump up to six
storeys high. The pump is totally self-priming and offers advertised flow even in high lift and high head
applications, a unique feature in the condensate removal pump market. Capable of running dry and
pumping debris the MEGABLUE® is ideal for installations where increased pipe runs are required.
The MEGABLUE® can be mounted in any orientation up to 7 meters away from the air conditioning
Offering exceptional performance, the MEGABLUE® can remove condensate far away and fast.
With a head of 20m the MULTITANK with MEGABLUE® can be used as a remote central collection point
for condensate drainage.

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