Originally founded and trading as Charles Austen Pumps Ltd , BLUEDIAMOND has been manufacturing
pumps for almost three quarters of a century.

All our products are designed, tooled, developed, and manufactured in house, meeting our strict
approach to quality, stemming from our UK heritage and wide skill base. Our ability to manufacture has always been at the forefront of the way we do things at BLUEDIAMOND. Unlike other condensate manufacturers our roots began firmly in Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) applications, which has put us far ahead of our competition on design and production capability. We don’t just gather up components and ‘turn out’ a pump, we design and manufacture it from the ground up, ensuring the quality thought makes our pumps ultra-reliable.

It is this very fact that has given us such confidence in our products that we offer a standard 3-year
warranty for our condensate range. BLUEDIAMOND condensate removal pumps are available globally. Using UK & USA warehousing hubs, feeding 4000 trade centres to the global market. Using our own warehousing based all around the world we provide stock to a vast array of wholesalers/distributors.

Utilising patented rotary diaphragm and GyRok™ technology, BLUEDIAMOND® pumps offer a new
approach to quietly and reliably remove large quantities of condensate. Our specialised R&D department constantly seek to develop and improve the way condensate is removed from both air conditioning systems and commercial refrigeration.

Also available BlueScience, an easy retro-fit system for all existing air-conditioning units, to treat and
protect the air, providing constant UV disinfection, every time it passes through the unit.
Give us a call +44(0)1932355277 or email us at for more information.

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