Black Teknigas enhances safety

Black Teknigas has introduced a new system of free fall fire valve equipment suitable for oil and gas installations. This range of valves and accessories provides a complete, positive 100% fuel isolation system that will automatically operate in the event of excessive temperatures or alarm signal. Black Teknigas is a division of Watts Industries, one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of valves and controls.

“In a fire or similar emergency, it is essential that all fuel supplies are cut off quickly,” says Peter McEntee, Sales and Marketing Director at Black Teknigas. “This is a ‘low tech’ gravity-powered alternative to complicated electrically or electronically operated devices; offering great reliability. You never lose gravity in a fire!”

Black Teknigas Free Fall Fire Valves are suitable for either vertical or horizontal installation and can be utilised on a wide range of fuels including oil and gas. They can only be re-set manually offering additional safety benefits.

The thermal fuse is the most common method of actuation; however there are other triggers both mechanical and electrical including a solenoid quick release. The installation can be further enhanced with additional control equipment.

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