Bitzer extends Ecoline series

BITZER has introduced an extended range of BITZER ECOLINE reciprocating compressors, providing more application opportunities. In addition to R134a, many other refrigerants, including R404A, R407A, R407C, R407F and R507A, can also be used.

The extended range also offers many product and efficiency benefits including a 5-6% improvement in cooling capacity in medium temperature applications and even greater improvements for low temperature applications.

At the same time, the coefficient of performance (COP) has been increased by up to 12% for high and low condensing temperatures. A further attribute of the range is its suitability for close speed control by using a frequency inverter and ensuring high levels of system efficiency. The four and six cylinder ECOLINE models can be equipped with cylinder head unloading that also delivers a very cost effective form of capacity control.

Designed for use with many of the commonly available refrigerants, the ECOLINE range now covers a wide range of applications and provides great added value. They can be used in a variety of medium and low temperature applications as well as large catering kitchens, the pharmaceuticals sector and in high-temperature heat pumps.

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