Bio-oxygen – a tall order for air sterilisation and odour control in the world’s tallest hotel

When constructing the world’s tallest hotel, Bio-Oxygen won the exclusive contract to prevent odours and improve indoor air quality in the 1,165 feet JW Marriott Marquis project in Dubai.

Leaders in odour control and air sterilisation, Bio-Oxygen’s scope of work was to provide kitchen exhaust, sewerage odour control and indoor air quality, including treating the gym and all dining room’s IAQ and exhaust air from kitchen extract and waste disposal rooms.

Director Ranyae Fernandes said “We’re pleased to be part of this iconic development. It’s an honour for us to be chosen as the only odour control company involved with this prestigious project.” Bio-Oxygen supplied a total of 200 systems to the development.

Bio-Oxygen Australia has branches all over the world including the European HQ near London. Bio-Oxygen Australia manufactures unique air sterilisation equipment for the disinfection in multiple industries, removing pathogens (e.g. Salmonella, Listeria, E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus) and spoilage microorganisms (e.g. yeast, moulds and bacteria). Odour is continually removed and not trapped in filters.

Bio-Oxygen disinfects air in ventilation systems worldwide, i.e. Dubai Mall, Cathy Pacific HQ, Grosvenor House Hotel, Beverly Hill Hotel. Call 07565 388664 or 01342 604056

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