Biggest chiller order

Johnson Controls has received its biggest ever single order for York chiller units in the company’s history, for a project in Pearl Island, Qatar. More than 40,000 Pearl Island residents are set to benefit from the installation of 46 water-cooled chiller units designed to cool 15,000 residential and commercial units, improving comfort and promoting energy efficiency.
The new facility will provide more than 130,000 tons of chilled water on a daily basis.

The chilled water will be distributed through an underground network of 10 foot tall pipes laid out across the island. Delivery and installation of the chiller units is expected to begin in December 2007 and continue through to May 2008. The units will be shipped from San Antonio, Texas, to Qatar, and installed in the world’s largest district-cooling chiller plant.

Each York centrifugal chiller unit is 26 feet long, 11 feet wide, 14 feet tall and weighs approximately 2,500 tons. They operate using environmentally friendly, non ozone-depleting HFC-134a refrigerant and can function at extreme conditions, where entering condenser water temperatures can reach up to 97ºF.

The chillers require half of the electrical switch gear normally needed in a plant of this type. Johnson Controls is also installing its Metasys building automation system to ensure the cooling plant operates at maximum efficiency.

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