Big Foot Systems Provides Custom Solution to Flagship London Store

Big Foot Systems has designed and supplied a custom solution to support a large number of AC units and a plant enclosure on a custom plant deck, as part of a major works on a luxurious flagship London store for a high-end design brand in New Bond Street. The extensive renovation project included works on a new build behind a retained façade, together with the refurbishment of existing buildings to create retail, office and residential areas.

As part of this flagship project, Big Foot was asked to provide a support system for the plant which was to be sited over three large areas, and would contain over 50 pieces of AC equipment and the plant enclosures. The rooftop posed a number of challenges, as the site area identified for the plant was at differing levels and the existing structure had an unknown structural loading capacity. Working closely with the contractor, Big Foot Systems designed a custom solution that used a combination of its Heavy Duty system, Safe Access and Fix It Feet. Along with safely and evenly supporting this large amount of plant, this created a level platform that was supported on differing level roofs and incorporated support for AC equipment and plant enclosures.

“As this was a renovation of an old building, we were faced with a number of challenges not found in new builds where the roof has been designed to support a known loading capability” explains Ashley ten Wolde, UK Project Team Manager, Big Foot Systems. “In addition to working with a tricky rooftop, it all had to be done to a tight timescale with the supports designed, fabricated and assembled on site before a crane was dismantled to allow room for further building. This all took place within a few months, including gaining design approval from contractors, M&E contractors, architects and installers, and the customer is very happy with the end result.”

Big Foot Systems works closely with every client to supply the right support solution for every job. This was a complex project due to the nature of the rooftop and the high numbers of AC units to be supported. The custom solution used HD and Safe Access products to create a custom plant deck that would distribute the load and, on top of this, Fix It Feet were used to support the AC equipment and the plant enclosure, which was included for acoustic and aesthetic benefit.

Big Foot’s Heavy Duty system includes HD Beam, HD Cubes and HD Custom Frames. The frames are project specific non-penetrative support frames for large, heavy, irregular shaped or unevenly loaded plant. Solutions include frames similar to a standard LD product but utilising larger and longer sectional bars; a custom arrangement of HD Cubes or HD Beams; or, for more complex applications, a frame can be designed and fabricated specifically for the project requirements. HD Beam is a non-penetrative support frame for chillers, AHUs, packaged plant, generators, pipes and steels. It is a robust but flexible solution where space may be limited, or there is a requirement to position directly over existing structural roof beams, and weight is evenly distributed across the specified quantity of HD Beams. It is also height adjustable to maintain a level system on roof falls up to 5 degrees. The HD Cube framework offers a complete solution for supporting heavier building services on flat roofs without the need to crane steel RSJs or cast traditional concrete plinths early in the construction, thus saving installation time on site.

The Fix-it Foot comes in seven sizes and is a neat and tidy roof top support solution offering an aluminium channel recessed into the top face to allow for easy fixing of services. The Fix-it Foot is made of durable, recycled rubber, which offers built-in anti-vibration and makes it both economical and environmentally responsible.

The Big Foot Safe Access range is designed to allow a secure route for service engineers and other trades to gain access to plant and for managing the flow of other personnel. Offering a comprehensive range of solutions for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications, Big Foot’s Safe Access systems provide standard site-assembled, safe access walkways, platforms and step overs. In addition, Big Foot will survey and design custom Safe Access systems tailored specifically to meet individual design parameters.

Big Foot Systems’ products and systems are quick and easy to install ensuring project cost and time clarity, thus reducing the need for complex, time-consuming and expensive detailing. Offering improved roof aesthetics, Big Foot Systems provides engineered solutions that are innovative in design, robust and repeatable. Big Foot combines market leading products and services, which include system design and on-site support. Available to install in all weathers utilising familiar componentry, all systems are designed with safety, security and simplicity in mind. Finally Big Foot Systems offers short manufacture and delivery lead times to help a project meet its schedule and stay within budget.

For further information on all products and services offered by Big Foot Systems email: or telephone 01323 844355.

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