Dunham-Bush has supplied United Arab Emirates based Intercool Central Air Conditioning Ltd with 247 of its Panther and 207 Puma Fan coil units to provide heating and cooling at the magnificent new Abu Dhabi Louvre Museum.

Designed by the Paris based architect Jean Nouvel, the museum is organised like a traditional Arab city with separate galleries connected by walkways. A large 590ft radius dome shades the main structure underneath, while allowing shafts of light to rain down through the unusual woven roof. Water surrounds the museum and flows inside, allowing visitors to walk or sit near the interior pools between visits to the museum’s galleries.

The selection of fan coil units was governed not only by thermal or air volume flow rate requirements, but also by constraints on the level of noise permitted in the room space. The powerful yet quiet Panther and Puma fan coil units fully satisfied the design brief to create the tranquil environment required in this prestigious building.

The climatic conditions experienced in the UAE demand that only the highest quality materials be used in the museum’s construction and the comfort levels of their visitors were a major consideration for the designers.


Dunham-Bush fan coil units combine the very latest design and manufacturing technology to provide the ideal solution to meet precise thermal and noise criteria.


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