Biddle fix it for Jimmys

Air Systems Limited have supplied nearly 200 fan coils and air curtains to the new Institute of Molecular Medicine, Epidemiology and Cancer Research being constructed at St James’ University Hospital in Leeds.

The building will house leading cancer researchers and experts in genetics, immunology and other associated fields to create a truly multi-disciplinary research team collaborating in the fight against cancer and other diseases.

State-of-the-art laboratories, together with offices and communal facilities, will be spread over six-floors, and the new building will be linked by bridges to the clinical sciences building and the Cancer Research UK Leeds Clinical Centre. All in all this will provide a world class resource for the new NHS cancer hospital which opens on the St James’ site in 2007.

The Powerbreez fan coils and the Invisidor air curtains are acknowledged to be high performance units, providing these key workers with the levels of comfort which such important work demands.

Powerbreez features Biddle’s patented revolutionary air inlet device (which has been proven by independent test houses to significantly reduce noise) and their purpose-designed non-handed counter flow coil which increases duty by up to 20%. In the last couple of years it has been used on many prestigious projects countrywide.

The Invisidor air curtains have been chosen from the CA range, as these units are better able to cope with the more demanding conditions at the new Cancer Centre. Invisidor CA air curtains feature Biddle’s patented rectifier and constant velocity technology, which together maximise comfort and minimise energy wastage.

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