BG achieves a greener future

BG Controls is helping the Barnsley Building Schools for the Future (BSF) project build green, environmentally friendly schools by installing energy efficient control technologies.

The Barnsley BSF project is a £1 billion plus scheme designed to build eleven new schools over three phases. The first phase includes five Advanced Learning Centres (ALCs), followed by an ALC and two special schools in phase two and three ALCs in the third phase, which will all follow a green footprint.

BG Controls, has been appointed by Crown House Technologies to fit a state-ofthe- art building management system (BMS) for phase one to control the five ALCs: Dearne, Carlton, Kirk Balk, Penistone and Darton.

The BMS solution includes controls to the biomass boilers, natural ventilation, automatic control of windows and roof vents, rainwater harvesting and wind turbines.

Each school has its own wind turbine to top up the existing power supply. However if the school doesn’t use the power this is then exported to the national grid so that it isn’t wasted.

The ALCs also have gas-proving systems, which automatically shut down appliances if they are left on thus creating safer conditions.

There is a front end connected by an Ethernet link to monitor the BMS, which meters water, gas and electricity consumption. Each ALC will have a monitor in reception displaying the building’s performance where guests, visitors and pupils can view the information.

“This is a great project to be working on,” comments BG’s Project Manager, Mike Dauris. “The schools are all different in design but have one common goal to use renewable energy sources and be environmentally friendly. BG Controls has made this possible by installing a cutting edge control system designed to optimise the building’s energy efficiency.”

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